Friday, April 07, 2006

Journal Entries

These audio and visual forms evolve through collective borrowing and shared experience, a language being spoken into existence every moment. Now is the future, the past is waiting to be reassembled.

Keep digging. My job swings like a pendulum. a strange clock for sure. One moment its the book of the dead, egyptian mythology of the afterlife, then the next its dolphins and butterflies and then back again, Man's ruin, tick tock tick tock. And then someones asking about cosmetic tattooing, microdermapigmentation, its called. tattooed lipliner and eyebrows. The better its done the less you can tell. Go figure. more ways to sculpt and decorate the human body than you can shake a stick at. Wrestling for jesus, slamdancing for the environment, bake sales for stealth bombers, knitting toward nirvana. 04/14/06

always on the lookout for the writing on the wall...

How deep does it go? Questions people ask about tattoos go deeper than the words that ask them. In measurable depth, not very. The other answer is deep into the past, in the soil with the ash and bone and memories of skins.
Ancestors tell stories and we try to listen, but there is no library to house the tattoos of the dead. Only memory, only repetition. The wearer may see a fresh tattoo as permanent, forever changing the architecture of the temple. But the body will sucumb in time, so what is the element that lasts? The impression on the greater canvas of bodies. The slight shift in the seas of idea. What is natural looking skin? Smooth, shaven legs glistening with anti-wrinkle cream. The soft raised scar of bypass heart surgery or knee replacements. The bent frame of hard labor and straightened teeth of wealth. The body as a biography. The form an expression of divine intent. The individuals will enscribed in a parchment of cells. There are more intimate scars we all carry. The smallest of scars, sometimes nearly invisible, often tell the most elaborate stories. How deep indeed. 04/12/06

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