Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Music Reviews

Take a listen to
from burlington VT, an impressive two piece that sounds much bigger. More in the vein I've been enjoying lately; epic heavy instumental rawk. slow build crashing waves burried melody digging its way out of the undertow. Look for them on tour this spring.

You need to listen to: Pelican. from chicago i think. more instru-metal,like godspeed or isis w/o vocals. cool rmx by godflesh guy of track called Angel Tears. where does this music belong anyway? too thoughtful for most metalheads, not angry enough for the str8edge crowd, but the hipsters probly get nervous, unsure if a moshpit may break out any second. closer to classical music than ac/dc. long evolving song structure, plenty of space to wander off into, forget where you were going and then, coming up fast from behind: crumbling walls of liquid rock pouring down over your shoulders, like getting caught up in a guitar avalanch. and only 2 cuts on the single. do you here this stuff in yor head when waiting for the bus? do you wish they soundtracked movies with stuff like this instead of john williams or whats-his-shore. so far it seems video games are one of the few places srtange music is turning up, but mostly techno over rock. i have only been to chicago once. is this what it sounds like? rust and grey bricks and salt crusted automobiles. name that genre.

TRIBES OF NEUROT-silver blood transmitions: the band Neurosis has an alternate identity, sort of a pensive dark side, called tribes of neurot. with each Neurosis album there comes in its wake the flotsam and jetsam of the process reconfigured, reanimated, and released into the wild. Transmissions comes after "through silver in blood", with titles like "primordial uncarved block" and "fires of purification" and "continuous regression" the sounds should come as no surprise. starting from breath, building to cries echoed off window shutters flapping in the wind, trailing away into the shadow of the drums of war, clawing its way into the grave, this album has a gait like romero's zombies. Think radio transmissions from space coursing through the rusty walls of an abandon steel mill. Think whale calls responding to sinking ships scraping the walls of the ocean. t.o.n. explores sound collage and feedback control and constantly threatens to become rhythm and melody. In short, this is a great record to listen to while painting or writing. This particular album was put out by release records but the band does have there own label now, Neurot Recordings.

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